Hey, My name is Rohan! and i started to feel good about the universal remote controls since i brought my new AC (air conditioner) in the 2020. So that time i used have different gadgets and each device has their own remote control. So i though what if i have a single remote for all of my smart devices like all in one remote. Then i started searching in the online, so i found one article about the universal remote controls. From then i fall in love with the universal remote controls and their working procedure after we programmed with the different devices. Now i decided to help people those who are like me around the world. From this “https://universalremote-codes.com” i’ve spent so much time to provide almost all of the codes for every device and every remote control. So if you have any remote in the universal format then make sure to search for your remote control name and find out the programing steps and their codes. Thanks for you support guys! i hope my idea to start this website can make your smart home easy to connect with the universal remote controls.