Durand TV Universal Remote Codes

Hello everyone! today we are going to be taking a look at durand TV universal remote codes. Basically you would like to use the remote control which is came by default along with your Duraband TV, and you do not have a need of codes. But if you have intention to use any different type of remote control in order to program your Duraband TV, so that time you shall need the accurate Durand TV Universal Remote Codes to do so.

Most of the universal remote codes are usually in form of 3, 4 and 5 digits figures. From this article we have provided a good number of all these Universal remote codes for Duraband TV. But sometimes the first code that you do enter may not work because of a result of variant in Durand TV types. Whenever you experience that, you have to scroll down without any extra thoughts and then pick the next code after that. Repeat this procedure until you get one correct code.

Durand TV Universal Remote Codes

5- Digits4- Digits3- Digits

How To Program Universal Remote To Your Duraband TV

This is the first method to program your favorite universal remote to your duraband tv. So check the below given steps and pair them together and work together.

  • Firstly “switch on your TV set”
  • There after hold on your universal remote in order to face your Durand TV or device you wish to program altogether.
  • From your universal remote you have to find out the “Menu” option. From there you have to tap on the “Settings” option and then “program remote” and after that select “TV or else any device that you wish to program.
  • If your procedure is correct, then your remote’s tiny light shall blink 4 times. If it does so, you can pick any of the codes that are provided in the above table to use them in your device and enter them. Once you enter the correct code from the above then the button light shall go off. But if it isn’t, that means you have to repeat the procedure and try with another code.
  • You have to press any of the functions keys on your specific universal remote control. If it works at any time, then that indicates you got the steps correctly. But if it doesn’t work, you have to repeat the steps and try to pick another code.

How To Set Up Duraband TV With Universal Remote Using Codes (Alternative Method)

The basic method was explained to program a universal remote to your Duraband TV earlier. But if that method didn’t support or work for you, then you can make sure to use of this alternative method.

  1. The primary step is to find out the “PROG” button on your remote control and then press it down for a long until you see a tiny LED light.
  2. In the next step you have to select the “TV” option
  3. Here you have to find out a correct TV code for the device above and enter that in the space for codes.
  4. If the remote light goes off immediately after you enter the code, it shows you’ve got the correct code.

How To Check If A Duraband Remote Is a Universal Remote

Some of the remotes that usually comes with some of the Duraband TVs by default are universal remotes. Meaning to that is you can use the remote to power the other gadgets besides of your Duraband TV. If you are curious about to check whether your Duraband TV remote is a universal remote? then you have to check if it has the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ options. If it has, then it is a universal remote.


If you have any of the universal code which hasn’t mentioned in these table of codes, then please let us know down beneath in the comments section by adding it. We will really appreciate it and those who are reading this article as well.

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