How to Disconnect Universal Remote

As you all know that the universal remote controls are capable of operating any devices such as TV, cable box, DVR, VCR and DVD player….etc. For them you just need to connect with the remote and devices. But what if you would like to disconnect a universal remote when something goes wrong with it!

So do not worry here we are to help you with simple steps. From this article we are going to be writing about how to disconnect a universal remote from samsung, philips or any other brand devices. So without any further delay let’s get started our today’s episode.

All the universal remote controls are basically made for the sake of receiving codes which can operate a plenty of entertainment devices. So by the result of that one remote can control the TV, cable box, DVR, VCR and DVD player….or any other gadgests even Air Conditioners.

Mostly 3 or four digit codes are used in order to pair with a universal remote for sending the signals that are different brands of an equipment recognize.

Perhaps most of the remotes shall be erase previously entered codes for that specific devices whenever someone keys in a new code. Of course almost all of the codes could be cleared from a remote control at once to make room for an entirely new entertainment setup.

How Do I Unpair My Universal Remote?

Do you know how do you clear a remote control? and how do i unpair my tv remote? if not then make sure to follow the step by step instructions that are given down below. Of course we are providing steps for how to pair, unpair & reset remote from your connected devices. So without any further ado let’s get started.

  1. First of all remove the batteries from your remote control. After that take the battery compartment panel off the back and pull out each cell. Of course here most of the remote controls do use two to four AAA cells.
  2. Leave that empty battery component for at least about two minutes with an empty space. Actually the universal remote stores some power in the capacitor which keeps its memory intact while batteries are being charged though. Of course the stored power will begin to drain in the next two minutes.
  3. Now you can press and hold a power button for about three seconds in order to force the remote for drain all the power stored in a capacitor. After that press the power button again for being sure there is no signal light comes on. Of course now here all the stored codes for operating the equipment will be cleared once the capacitor power has been drained.
  4. Now you need to replace the batteries and then program new codes into the universal remote to work only the desired devices.

In the beginning of this article we’ve written that How to Clear Codes in Universal Remotes? there is nothing to do instead of that. After that from the above step by step instructions you may got to know about how to reset universal remote. This is the best procedure to resetting remote control and then you can reprogram immediately after you’re done with the above steps.

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