Skyworth Universal Remote Codes & Programing Steps

“If you are preparing to use of the remote control which comes with your skyworth tv, then you’d not need to have a remote code. Why because it has already pre-programmed before you bought it to your location. But in case if you’d like to use any other remote, mainly most of the users prefer to use their favorite universal remote control for programing their skyworth tv, then there should be a need of universal remote codes for skyworth tv of course not just any unsupported code, but the perfect working code for your skyworth tv.”


From this post you can find out how to connect universal remote to skyworth tv for all popular brands. Here all you need to do is to find out the correct and working code for your brand. Of course, we also listed more than one code for each digit. If a code doesn’t work, simply try another code.

Of course the universal remote for skyworth tv comes in three various categories depends upon the devices. Namely Sky worth basic remote, the smart remote, and the Android remote. So from this article you can find out to read about Skyworth Universal remote control codes and Programming Tips.

  1. Fundamentally the skyworth tv remote shall come with some important functions. It includes like all the necessary buttons only, such as the Return, Menu, OK, Source, arrow up, arrow down, backward, fast forward, previous, zoom in and zoom out.
  2. Also the skyworth smart remote would come with the intelligent function ‘Home’ and carries the primary remote operation too. This intelligent remote comes partnered with the Skyworth Smart LED TV irrespective of their size and the models.
  3. Finally, the android TV comes along with the amazing apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Voice Assistant, etc. Along with that, you can carry out the some major useful functions of the remote as well.

Note: If you have the original Skyworth TV remote then there’s no code or pairing is required. In case if you have any universal remote control, you can see the pairing code which is already exists within the package’s instructions booklet.

Universal Remote Codes For Skyworth TV

If you are using the universal remote control for skyworth tv then it can easily be accessible by using the remote control codes. The codes for this shall come in three-digits, four-digits, and five digits. Look at them in the below mentioned list.

4-digit Skyworth remote control codes

  • 0696
  • 0698
  • 0264
  • 0727
  • 0009
  • 0037
  • 0748
  • 0556
  • 0753
  • 0817

5-digit Skyworth remote control codes

  • 00556
  • 00817
  • 00264
  • 00009
  • 00753
  • 00037

3-digit Skyworth remote control codes

  • 531
  • 753
  • 817

How To Use Universal Remote On Skyworth TV

If you would like to connect the skyworth universal tv remote, so it could be done by below mentioned methods:

Method 1: How To Program The Skyworth TV Universal Remote by using the Auto-Search Method

In this method the skyworth tv remote pairing is done by the different Skyworth Universal TV remote control codes which is go through the scanning procedure. Of course the number one principle is scanned simultaneously in order to get to the correct small code. You just simply proceed with the instructions to program your Skyworth universal TV remote with the auto search method. The steps are given below:

  1. In the first step you have to switch on the “smart device” that you would like to use. In this example, it is the TV.
  2. Now turn your remote on and then click on device button that you want to use such as; TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL, for about at least three seconds. Here an LED light on your remote will blink to indicate when the device has been all set to be prepared to program.
  3. After that, face your remote towards the device and then tap on the CH+ and CH- buttons. Now the remote shall show on and off signals. After that, click on the up and down key repeatedly until your device turns itself off.
  4. Then make sure to verify the code by tapping the power button. And then the device shall turn itself on. Once the device starts, try to switching and changing the channels to make sure that the remote has been programming in a right way.
  5. Finally click on the device button on the remote and then save the code. The LED of the device will blink two times to confirm whether the code is stored or not.

How do i Pair My Universal Remote to my Skyworth tv by Using the Manual Method

If you’d like to know how do i pair my skyworth remote to my tv? then this manual method helps you a lot. Actually by using the desired code shall help to pair your Skyworth universal TV remote. So that, by using the key code you can simply and in an easy way program your universal remote. Of course the necessary code also identifies the make and the model of the devices in use. The steps are given below.

  1. To begin with this method, you have to switch your device on
  2. After that tap TV button on the Skyworth TV Universal Remote
  3. In the next step, press and hold setup button of your Skyworth TV universal remote until you observe the light blinking. The blinking light indicates that the remote has entered into learning mode.
  4. Now here you have to enter the key code mentioned in the programming guide or the instructions booklet.
  5. After the procedure, face your remote towards the TV and press and hold the power button.
  6. In the final step, you can release the power button as soon as the screen will be switched to off mode.

After all of these steps, the device shall be started working correctly. Suppose, the device is getting any interruptions or not working correctly, you can pair and setup the skyworth TV remote control again with the same steps just by using a different code from the above-listed principles.

How do i Program My Universal Remote to My Skyworth TV Using the Code Search Method

If you’re unable to find the key code, that can fit to your skyworth led tv universal remote code and works properly, then you could easily set up your Skyworth TV universal remote control by using the search mode method. You can even find this code in the manual, which forces the remote to go into search mode automatically after that.

  • To begin the procedure you have to make sure turn your device on.
  • Then press and hold setup button on your Skyworth TV universal remote
  • Here you need to enter the 9-9-1 three-digit codes.
  • Tap on power button on your remote and then press the ch+ button until the device in question turns off automatically.

The Skyworth remote control manual and also this pairing method using the code search method is a little long and takes some extra time. Once you have done all these steps and done the above procedure, your remote is now being ready to use.

How to use Skyworth Remote

In order to use the Skyworth Universal TV remote, you need to be started by clicking on the power button on your remote. You also have to check for the batteries in the battery slot and then make sure fresh ones are to be presented in the battery slot.

Sleep: Here the sleep button on your Skyworth Universal TV remote shall set the sleep timer. Of course whenever specified length has been passed, then the TV goes into standby mode.

Sound system: With this you can set up the clear and appropriate sound system on your Skyworth TV.

If you click on the personal Preset button can help to set the picture mode to User, Standard, Soft and Bright mode.

The mute button can mute the sound on the TV, and you can click it again to return to the preset sound level.

The display button shall display all the program information on the screen.

You can press the menu button to enter the menu for adjusting the various settings on the TV.

Final Thoughts

The Skyworth Universal TV remote is quite helpful in order to operate and also provides much more convenience for controlling your homes’ different devices with ease. Therefore, like other universal remotes, this one could also be tried and used.

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