Universal Remote Codes for TCL Roku TV

In most of the times you have to program all of your devices such as cable, satellite or universal remote to control certain functions of your TCL Roku TV. So at that time you have to have remote code which we provide in the below lines and you have to enter that code as per the instructions. So just check the TCL Roku tv universal remote codes and program it with any of your devices.

What are TCL Roku TV Universal Remote codes?

Here is a list of universal remote codes for ROKU TV:

  1. Verizon: 180
  2. TIVO: 0366 / 0091
  3. Time Warner: 1566 / 0387
  4. RCA: 11756
  5. ONN: 3851
  6. Dish Network: 535
  7. DirecTV: 11756
  8. Cox: 1756
  9. Comcast: 11756
  10. Charter: 11756
  11. Cable Vision: 0031
  12. Bright House Cable: 1756
  13. ATT Uverse: 1346

TCL TV Remote codes for DirecTV RC73

1756, 1283, 1621, 1762, 1123, 1287, 1387

These are the most used codes by our users and most of them are satisfied with these codes. If you want to connect your devices with this TCL TV universal remote then you have to follow the below steps to enter any code then your device will not show any errors while programing.

How To Program TCL Roku TV Universal Remote jlr-6002

There are three simple common ways in order to setup or else to configure your favorite universal remote control. Such as; Keycode, Programming Via Universal Remote Code Search and Manual Setup. With these three methods you can simply operate your devices with your universal remote.

1) Keycode

With this keycode method we can identify a model of your equipment and you can program a universal remote in an easy way. The steps are given below, you can follow them for easy to understand.

  • Make sure your device is on if not “Turn Your Device On”
  • Now from your “Universal Remote” you have to tap on “TV” button.
  • After that you need to press and hold the “Setup button” of your Universal remote control until it shows “Light Flash” (basically, It means that it is in the stage of “Learning mode”)
  • Now you have to enter the “Keycode” that you’ve collected from the programing guide (Instructions Booklet)
  • Once you’re done with this process, you just have to “point your remote before to TV” after that “Press And Hold The Power” button.
  • Finally, you can release the “Power Button” whenever the screen switches off.

Finish, now your tv can be accessed perfectly with your favorite universal remote control, but if you find that your device is not working then you can try to repeat the above procedure in the same way but with different code from the list we mentioned above.

2) Programming Via Universal Remote Code Search

Sometimes, your device can not be connected with your universal remote control by using the keycode method, at that time we recommend you to try to setup your universal remote to search mode to get the correct one. With this method the remote shall be converted into the search mode forcefully. The procedure for code search is given below.

  • Make sure your device is on if not “Turn Your Device On”
  • Then long press and hold the “Setup” button on your remote.
  • Now enter three digit code “9-9-1”
  • After that hold on “Power Button” on your remote and then tap on “channel up (ch+)” until your device will “Turn off”

The drawback of this method is taking more time, but it is crucial in order to find out your key code.Once you are done with the above procedure then your remote must be working in for all of the functions.

3) Manual Setup

If you tried with the above methods and find did not work any one from those methods then try this “Manual Setup”. With this method your device can work perfectly.

  • First of all you need to place your “Remote Control facing To The Universal remote control that you want to replace”
  • Then tap on “Setup Button” or “Magic”
  • After that enter the “Code” (there is a chance to find this in Instruction Booklet) for manual Programming
  • In this step you have to press any of the function that you would like to “program” for example “TV Volume Up”
  • Now tap and hold corresponding key on the “Original Remote Controller”
  • That’s all you can observe that one of the lights shall “blink” which means it has been saved properly.
  • You can use your “TV Volume up” button, it has saved to your universal remote control and you can use this volume button.

This procedure should be followed for all the buttons in order to program, once you’ve done for all of the functions then you can press “Setup Button” again to finish this session.

How To find the code for my Universal Remote?

Now we are going to show you the automatic code search, you can check the procedure below.

  1. Tap on TV or Any Of your Desired Device
  2. Until your TV Key Blinks Twice you should have to keep on press and hold “Setup” option.
  3. Here the TV Key shall blink twice when you enter three digit code “9-9-1”
  4. Now once you have to click on “Power” and release.
  5. You have to hold on the “CH+” button until your device “turn off”
  6. The tv key should blink twice, so once press on “Setup” and release it.

We hope all the codes for TCL Roku TV universal remote shall be helpful to you and you will be stay connected with your favorite devices and enjoy your favorite programs on your devices.


Before you start programing your universal remote control with your device you must check the batteries are inserted properly or not and is your device turned on or not. Then you can proceed to program your devices with this TCL roku tv universal remote control and you can enjoy operating in all of your TCL roku tv devices which are connected with this remote.

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