Amazon Fire TV Universal Remote Control Codes

Would you like to get the amazon fire TV universal remote control codes ? are you eagerly waiting for this list then wait is over now. You can collect the codes from this article now. So why late let us begin our article.

We all are know that amazon is a multinational brand and it has been grown exponentially over the decades and it seems to tick marks all of the boxes with all of its amazing services. Such as from being an E-commerce giant to being a powerhouse of entertainment, the options and services provided by this brand are almost unlimited.

Of course the amazon Fire Stick is the one of the most purchased products on this official website like it always gives all access for all the OTT platforms now a days. Even though these online subscription services are replaced the traditional fashion of the cable networks. Here the Amazon Fire TV Remote is a quite basic knowledge to have to use it and of course it is much easier to set it up as well, and the remote can also be used as your universal remote by following particular instructions.

Amazon Fire TV Universal Remote Control Codes

So, where is the 4 digit code for amazon fire tv? if this is your question then the big list is given below, from that list you can check each and every amazon fire stick universal remote 4 digit code and enjoy after programed. Keep in mind the amazon fire tv universal remoteĀ for all the TV brands is different:

  • Haier- 00639
  • Hisense- 00551
  • Insignia- 00545
  • JVC- 29247
  • LG- 00516, 00683
  • Panasonic- 47149
  • Philips- 63428
  • Samsung- 00521
  • Sanyo- 00279
  • Sharp- 43500
  • Sony- 14917
  • TCL- 00629, 00492
  • Toshiba- 52389
  • Vizio- 00344

These are the codes and if you would like to know the answer for “can you connect a universal remote to amazon fire stick?” the answer has given below:

  1. Firstly click on the “Mode” button on the TV by using a Smart Hub once your TV device code is being programmed.
  2. Now click on the “SET” button until the LED blinks two times.
  3. Now you have to press “9-9-4” and after that press the SET button. Leave the SET button.
  4. Here you have to enter “universal remote code for amazon fire tv” and then click on Display button. Now the LED will again blink two times.

It shall allow the user to access the TV comfortably.

How Do You Program a Universal Remote to a Fire TV?

If you program well then you can control fire stick with tv remote. The amazon fire stick tv remote could be used on the multiple devices and of course it can be eliminate different remote controls for all of the devices. Mainly the remote is able to controlling all of the devices and also the components are included. In order to start using it, you need to program and then set it up with each device at your home.

  1. First of all “Enter the device into setup mode”

Here you have to search for the SETUP button on your Amazon Fire TV Remote, and then click and hold the button until it gives red light blinks. Now release the Setup button, and then the remote is now ready to be programmed with your device.

2. After that you have to “Select the device type”

In this step you have to hold and release the TV button that you want to set up.

3. In this step you have to “enter your universal remote code from the list of devices”

We’ve already given the one for all code for amazon fire stick list you can get from the above list. Make sure to enter the code until the red light turns off.

4. Finally “Confirm and Verify the Results”

Now you’ve to point your universal remote towards the device’s direction and after that turn your device on and off. If your device once responds, that means it is ready to use; otherwise, you have to still try using other codes to set it up.

5. “Setting up other devices”

If you want to set up other devices you need to repeat the steps mentioned above.

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