DTX9950 Universal Remote Codes

Hey there! Are you using the digital stream dtx9950 remote control and would you like to know how do i find my universal remote code for this remote in order to program with the device that you’re using now! then make sure to check out this full length article and get to know the digital stream dtx9950 universal remote codes and its programing instructions.

From this article we would like to tell you about how to get a code for universal remote and its programing instructions. So if you’re not aware of these two aspects then make sure to checkout this article without missing a single line because every line is important to be paired with your favorite devices and remote control in order to operate it without any interruptions. So without any further ado let’s get started.

How to Program a Universal Remote to a Converter Box

  • First of all “Turn Your TV Set ON”
  • Then you have to refer to a remote program codes in the digital stream remote control manual/install guide and then look for the 3-digit program code for your TV brand. If you find there is more than a program code, then you have to select any one of them.
  • But if your TV set is not on the list, you can proceed with the below mentioned steps in “searching for program codes”.
  • Now you have to press and hold “TV Power” button of your universal remote and there you have to enter 3-digit program code with the number keys. There after you need to “hold each number key for about a second when entering the program code”.
  • Release “TV Power”. If the TV set turns off  that means programing is done. But the TV set doesn’t turn off, you can try with another program code from the list or try searching for a program code.
  • You can now check whether “TV Power”, “TV input”, “TV Volume up” and “TV Volume down” buttons work. If your tv set is responding then there is no further programing required. But if the TV power button works, but not any other one…you can try with another code or else try searching for a program code.

How do i find the code for my universal remote?

  • Suppose if your TV set does not turn off with the all available program codes, at that time you have to press and hold “TV power” button on your universal remote control. And then slowly press “up” button repeatedly upto TV set turns off.
  • Then release the “TV power” button if your tv set turns off. The programing is done now.
  • But make sure to check out whether the “TV Power”, “TV Input”, “TV Volume up”, “TV Volume down” buttons works properly.
  • If the tv set responds, there is no further programming required. But if the TV set does not respond, you must try again by slowly pressing down button in step 1.
  • Finally if the TV power button works, but not the other ones, you need to repeat from step 1 again.
  • Even after 105 trials the TV set does not turn off then we recommend try again by pressing down button in first step. Suppose, if the tv does not respond with the UP and Down buttons, that means the universal remote control can not control/operate the TV.

Digital Stream Universal Remote Codes

  • 0899
  • 003,007,001,009,004
  • 0865,0948,0823,0432,0886
  • 0354
  • 0581

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