GPX TV Universal Remote Codes

Would you like to pair your favorite gpx tv universal remote by using the codes! then surely now you can connect with your favorite universal remote control along with your device and operate it successfully. So without any further ado let’s get started our today’s episode.

From this guide we would like to share how to program your favorite GPX TV with your favorite new brand universal remote control by using the below provided codes. The step by step procedure has been provided below along with the codes. So keep your remote with new remote batteries and make sure it is working fine to program.

Actually GPX is one of the famous Television brands in the present trending market. Basically, the GPX tv comes along with its own remote control. But in case if you misplace your GPX tv remote or else it’s got spoilt by any reason, then you can shift to the universal remote control in order to program the tv.

If you already have a universal remote and then you need to have the remote control codes for GPX TV, then this article shows the codes below. Of course there are different types of remote control codes for this GPX listed below. Of course we’ve mentioned more than a single code for each of variety of devices. Perhaps if one of the below mentioned codes doesn’t work for you then try with an another code until you get it ready. Mainly the code is usually a 4-digits figure.

After collecting the list of codes you need to know how to program a specific universal remote control in order to work with your GPX TV before you could use the code. Here is our guide on how to program a GPX TV with a universal remote control has also been mentioned below.

How To Program Universal Remote Control For GPX TV

Here is the best method to pair your remote control with your branded devices. Of course there are several other methods too. But this is the one we and our followers mainly focused on and we got it right! If you find it wrong for you then you can go with another methods that are mentioned below of this.

  • First of all turn on your GPX TV set. After that check out to make sure the DTA is turned on and of course that has been installed in a correct way.
  • Now hold on your universal tv remote to face your adapter that you would like to program with.
  • Find out the “PROG” button on your universal remote control. Now hold on to the button until a small LED light on your remote blinks. Press on to the ‘INFO’ button then.
  • Suppose, if you’ve got the above mentioned three steps are correct, then you would notice the tiny LED light will continue to blink.
  • Now find out a correct code below which is applicable to your device and then enter it. Then your TV shall be showing “Success” once you’ve got the correct code. But in case if you haven’t got the correct code, you can try with another code.
  • On an other hand, your TV would be displaying ‘Sorry’ if you enter an incorrect code. Repeat the process with another code then.
  • Now tap on any of the functions keys upon your remote control. If it is working fine, then what does it mean is you got all the steps correctly. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps and try with another code.

One For All Universal Remote Codes For GPX TV

  • 546
  • 000
  • 3977
  • 3980
  • 13977
  • 13980

5 Digits GPX Remote Control Codes

  • 12693
  • 13980
  • 10179
  • 13977
  • 13402
  • 10360
  • 17048
  • 12784
  • 13196

4 Digits GPX Universal Remote Control Codes

  • 4586
  • 3980
  • 0944
  • 5040
  • 0096
  • 3977
  • 4701
  • 1320

3 Digits GPX Remote Control Codes

  • 000
  • 532
  • 521
  • 546
  • 179
  • 722
  • 749

How To Set Up Codes For GPX TV Universal Remote Codes (Alternative Method)

If the first method doesn’t work for programing your universal remote to your GPX TV has been explained earlier then you can go with these alternative methods. Let us look at the steps mentioned below.

  1. Find out the PROG option on your remote control and then tap down until you see the tiny LED light.
  2. You can select the ‘TV’ option now.
  3. Now find out the correct TV code to be paired with your favorite GPX tv above and then enter them in the space for codes.
  4. Finally if the light goes off when you enter the code, then it shows you’re about to got the correct code.

Manual Method

If you’d like to know how do i program gpx tv universal remote? then this gpx tv manual method helps you a lot. Actually by using the desired code shall help to pair your gpx tv remote. So that, by using the key code you can simply and in an easy way program your universal remote. Of course the necessary code also identifies the make and the model of the devices in use. The steps are given below.

  1. To begin with this method, you have to switch your device on
  2. After that tap TV button on the gpx tv Universal Remote
  3. In the next step, press and hold setup button of your gpx tv universal remote until you observe the light blinking. The blinking light indicates that the remote has entered into learning mode.
  4. Now here you have to enter the key code mentioned in the programming guide or the instructions booklet.
  5. After the procedure, face your remote towards the TV and press and hold the power button.
  6. In the final step, you can release the power button as soon as the screen will be switched to off mode.

After all of these steps, the device shall be started working correctly. Suppose, the device is getting any interruptions or not working correctly, you can pair and setup the gpx tv remote control again with the same steps just by using a different code from the above-listed principles.

How To Check If A GPX Remote Is a Universal Remote

Some of the TV remotes which comes with some GPX tvs are the universal remotes. That means you have a chance to use the remote control to power any other different gadgets besides GPX TV.  In order to check out if your GPX remote is a universal remote, then you must check out that it has the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ options. If it does, it is surely a universal remote then.


If you have any other codes that are not included in it, then please make sure to add them in to the comment box. So that we can spread it to many users of this universal remote control. We really appreciate it. That’s all being said guys. I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always happy programming and happy entertaining guys. If you have any cool ideas, stories, thoughts, or any suggestions then make sure to let us know by leave a comment below in the comment section.

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