How To Program Universal Remote to DVD Player

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to be taking a look at how to program universal remote to dvd player. There are plenty of instructions regarding this specific topic but they might not work. But we’ve gathered the best procedure which can help you instantly. So why late let’s get started with the below instructions.

How to Program Universal Remote to DVD

If you’re curiously want to know the steps of how to setup universal remote to dvd then please check out the method given below. But make sure to have a working code with you and then proceed with the step by step method given down below.

  • First of all you have to have the correct universal remote code for whatever your DVD brand is.
  • Make sure that you already have turned your dvd player that you want to pair along with your universal remote control
  • Hold the universal remote control as closer as you can in front of the DVD player
  • Now press and hold on to the “SETUP” button on your remote until the five component buttons light on.
  • Now in the next step you have to click the correct component button upon your remote control. Of course since you’re striving to program the dvd player, here the component button is dvd. In any case, in some of the universal remotes, you shall see it as the BD/DVD.
  • Now key in correct codes by using the keypads on your universal remote control. After some times or whenever you get the correct code, the component button shall blink twice and then turn it off.
  • Finally, tap the power button on the remote for your dvd player in order to turn it on. So if it works, viola, then you have successfully been programmed your device to your remote. In some cases if it doesn’t work, or if the entire component buttons shall blink twice, that means you got the wrong code. Now you need to key in another code from the list of codes until you should get the correct code.

Universal Remote Not Working Solution

If you are facing any not working issues with your universal remote control then it might because of some minor issues. Of course this session shall be pointing out some issue which can make your universal remote to stop working and to fix it. That being said guys without any further ado let us start.

Correct Code: The main reason that your universal remote control to be stopped from working is if you are using the wrong code. In any case if you couldn’t find out the codes from anywhere then please do check out our home page there you will get plenty of codes so select anyone of them until get started working.

Battery: In case if there is no battery in your favorite universal remote control or else the battery that you are using is bad, so there is no chance to work. So please do check out the battery box of your remote control in order to ensure there the batteries are correctly fixed. Also, ensure that the batteries are not wet, because that is a sign of damage too.

Object: Of course if there is an object which is obstructing your TV or any device that you would like to program, however your universal remote might not function well. Make sure that you remove all the objects and then hold your remote that close to the device you wish to program.

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