Comcast Universal Remote Codes

Hello my dear universal remote followers! Welcome to the website and today we’re going to be taking a look at comcast remote setup and getting all of its remote control codes. If you’re searching for this remote codes then here we are to provide you them without any cost. Of course there are different codes for it such as 3 digit and 4 digit one’s. Also we will be giving you the best instructions to program it with your favorite devices so that you can easily operate it after you successfully paired. We considered to be recommend our followers to use our codes and below given methods to program any of your devices. That being said guys! without any further ado let’s get started.

As usual from this specific article we would like to give you the best guidance about how to set up comcast universal remote by using different types of comcast universal remote control codes so if you do not know either programming instructions or the codes to pair then please do check out our full length article on it because it is mandatory to follow the instructions even after you have a perfect code to enter to be paired with different devices such as cable box, dynex tv, sharp tv….etc.

Comcast Remote Codes

Of course there are very less codes for this universal remote. If you think that there are 3 digit and 4 digit codes then they are not available yet! But it has only 5 digit codes to program with any of your favorite devices. So just check them out below and enjoy your device shows with this universal remote. Check out the five digit universal remote codes for this comcast: 10178, 11291, 10812, 10000.

These are the codes to be paired with the sharp tv, dynex tv, cable box and many more devices. So lets use those codes to be programmed with your favorite devices. Now let’s check out the step by step comcast universal remote programming instructions from the below list. So that you won’t be confused about how to enter a working code.

How To Program Comcast Universal Remote Without Codes

Do you know how to get comcast remote to control tv, If you do not then please do check out the below given step by step procedure and be programmed with your devices. But here we are haring our procedure which can program without using the codes. Once try this method if you do not know the codes. Of course we have also gotten very less codes that’s why we are providing this method which can give you access to get some more working codes while pairing.

  • Make sure to “Turn On” smart device such as “TV” that you would like universal remote to operate.
  • Now you have to “Turn On” your remote then tap on the device button such as (TV, DVD, CBL and OK/SEL) for upto 3 seconds. After that the LED light will blink that means it indicating the device is ready to program.
  • There are after you need to point out your remote to the device and then click on “CH+” & “CH-“ switches. After that remote shall show on/off indicators. Now click “up” or “down” key continuously as soon as the device will turn off.
  • Now you need to verify the code by click on the “power” key to confirm. So the device must be Turn On. So if it starts, you have to try for changing the channel in order to confirm that the remote is programmed in a correct way.
  • Finally tap on the “Device” Button so that it will save the code. The device LED will blink twice for confirming the code saved.

That’s all! you don’t always need to have the codes to program your devices with the help of universal remote control but you can use this simple procedure in order to be paired with. Of course while pairing you may get comcast remote codes 4 digit or comcast remote codes 3 digit or whatever. So try this method without using the code it will automatically search for its working one and get paired with your devices.

How to Program Comcast Remote Control With Code Search

Sometimes you need to search for the code when you do not find in the booklet. So in that case you have to follow the below procedure and there you might get the codes which works fine with your remote and devices. So let’s check out the steps now.

  • Firstly “Turn Your Device On
  • There after you have to press and hold the “Setup” button on your remote
  • After that simply enter a common 3 digit code “9-9-1
  • Now on your remote hold on the “Power Button” and then click on “CH+” until your device in this case your tv “Turns Off”

This is one of the simplest method to proceed with. If you couldn’t find the code then you can try and find with the above procedure and the code will be found instantly.

How To Program Comcast Remote Control With Manual Method

If the above methods are not worked with your comcast universal remote control and they couldn’t perform well then try with the below procedure and it will definitely work. So try any one of these three of them and enjoy your device programs with one remote control.

  • Turn Your Device On
  • Click the “TV” on your “Comcast universal remote
  • Press and Hold Setup Button” of your universal remote until it shows the Light Flash (That means it still is in Learning mode only)
  • Now enter a “Keycode” which you’ve already gathered from the programming guide (instructions booklet)
  • After you’ve done with it you need to “point your remote at the TV” and then “Press And Hold The Power” button
  • Whenever the screen switches off that time you can release “Power Button”

We hope you’re done with pairing your device and your favorite universal remote control now. You can watch and enjoy all your tv shows or anything else without any interruptions. So just follow them and enjoy your new universal remote control latest features on your devices.

Wrap Up

That being said guys! I hope you’ve gotten the better ideas about how to program your favorite devices with your latest comcast universal remote control and enjoy the shows as well. If you have any cool ideas, comments, concerns, questions regarding this remote control then leave a comment beneath in the comments box, I like to read your comments and our followers who are reading this article does as well. Thank you so much guys, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy shows my friends.

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