Maxem Power Universal Remote Codes

Hello everyone! today our topic is about maxem power universal remote codes. If you would like to operate any of your favorite devices with this maxem universal remote then make sure to have the codes and must be paired with your device. So what to do if we need to operate our devices with all in one remote control is to be programed with your remote control and appropriate devices first. So make sure to check out the full article from here, because we will teach you how to do it.

Basically, if you have a universal remote then it would be a convenient path to operate different devices without getting to juggle multiple remotes. In any case, finding out the correct code for programing your universal remote could sometimes a challenging task. That being said guys, today from this article we would like to guide you through via the procedure of finding the necessary code for your universal remote. So without any further ado let’s get started.

Universal Remote Control Code List

For your favorite universal remote control code list especially for this particular maxim power universal remote codes samsung tv or any other devices you need to check out our below list. So that you can easily find out the instructions to pair after the codes. First of all let us discuss about the codes now.

Maxim TV codes

Maxim TV codes for OneForAll universal remote controls:

  • Smart Control 8 (URC7980): 1556
  • Smart Control 5 (URC7955): 1556
  • Contour TV (URC1210_R00): 1556
  • Contour TV (URC1210_R01_2019): 1556
  • Contour series (URC12x0_R00): 1556
  • Contour series (URC12x0_R01_2019): 1556
  • Essence TV (URC7110_R00/R01): 1982, 1556.
  • Essence TV (URC7110_R02/R03): 1556
  • Essence series (URC71x0_R00/R01): 1982, 1556
  • Essence series (URC71x0_R02/R03): 1556
  • Simple TV (URC6410): 1982, 1556
  • Simple TV (URC6419_Lat_Am): 1982, 1556.
  • Simple series (URC64x0): 1982, 1556
  • TV Zapper (URC6810): 22223
  • Zapper + (URC6820): 1556
  • OFA Streamer (URC7935): 22223
  • OFA 8 (URC2981_R00): 1982, 1556
  • OFA 8 (URC2981_R01_R02): 1556
  • OFA 8 (URC2981_R03_2019): 1556
  • Mixed 4 digit codes: 1556, 1982.

Four and five digit Maxim TV codes for Philips universal remote controls:

  • 5 digit codes (/10): 17962, 18864
  • Maxim brand code: 1759

Maxim TV codes for Spectrum universal remote controls:

  • 4 digit codes (Cisco DTA): 0861, 2621, 2501.

Maxim DVD codes

Maxim DVD codes for OneForAll universal remote controls:

  • Smart Control 8 (URC7980): 0872, 0713.
  • Smart Control 5 (URC7955): 0713
  • Evolve series (URC71x5): 0713
  • Contour series (URC12x0_R00): 0713
  • Contour series (URC12x0_R01_2019): 0713, 0872.
  • Essence series (URC71x0_R00/R01): 0713, 1367.
  • Essence series (URC71x0_R02/R03): 0713
  • Essence series (URC71x0_R04/2019): 0713, 0872
  • Essential series (URC36x1) EU/INT: 0713, 0872
  • Simple series (URC64x0): 0713, 1367
  • OFA 8 (URC2981_R00): 0713
  • OFA 8 (URC2981_R01_R02): 0713
  • OFA 8 (URC2981_R03_2019): 0713, 0872
  • Mixed 4 digit codes: 0872, 0713, 1367.

Four and five digit Maxim DVD codes for Philips universal remote controls:

  • 4 digit codes (v.1): 0740
  • 5 digit codes (/10): 55322, 57129.
  • Maxim brand code: 1759

Four digit Maxim DVD codes for AT&T U-verse universal remote controls:

  • 4 digit codes (S10): 2439

Five digit Maximal Cable codes for Philips universal remote controls:

  • 5 digit codes (/10 V02): 46732, 45634, 45239, 41135, 41622, 40113.

Mixed Maximal SAT codes from a single brand of universal remote control:

  • 5 digit codes: 46732, 45634, 45239, 41135, 41622, 37519, 37816, 39338, 30656, 35152.

These are the maxem power universal remote codes 4 digit but of course there are different types of digits also there but mainly using codes are like four digits. We hope these codes help you a lot. If you see the maxem power universal remote instructions from its booklet you can get to know which is most common reason for why isn’t my universal remote working even after programming it correctly? and any other doubts. So make sure that.

Maxem Power Universal Remote Programming

There are 4 digit universal remote codes and 3 digit universal remote codes in order to be programed with the maxem power universal remote. Now we are going to mention in the below list about how to program with different procedures, so without any further ado let’s get started.

How To Program A One For All Remote Without Codes

Auto Code Search

If you do not have an access to the particular code for your using brand or any type of device that you would like to control then don’t worry here you have a best method to find the code and pair it that is Auto Code Search. By using this method the remote shall be searching via its database, testing several codes simultaneously. Here you can check an example of likely steps:

  • “Turn Your TV or another device On” First…that you would like to control.
  • Tap and release the “Device” button on your remote that is associated with the product which you would like to control (such as TV…etc) As we mentioned previously, you can use any device with any of the labeled buttons—remember to write it down for future reference.
  • Now Tap on “Device” button one more time, as well as the “Power” button simultaneously. Now the power button shall be turned off and then come it comes back on again.
  • Now release both the buttons
  • After that Tap and release the Play Button on your remote control, and there after you have to wait for few seconds and wait and see if you are trying device turns off. If it is so, that means it has found the correct code. Suppose, if your device is still ON, you have to press the button again and then go via the waiting and turn-off process. You should repeat it until your device goes to power off mode.
  • In the next step, press and release the Reverse button on your remote control for every two seconds until your device turns ON. When it finally does, the remote has successfully been searched for the correct code.
  • Now Tap on Stop button so that the code will be saved.
  • Test some more functions on the remote and see if they work for your device

Code Search for Universal Remote

Instead of using the remote scan through all, or brand, codes automatically, you may also be able to program the remote by having it check each code one simultaneously. In any case, you have to keep in mind that this procedure can take some more time since there are so many codes. So be patient….These are the steps to initiate this option:

  • First of all “Turn on” your TV or an another device that you would like to control.
  • There after you have to press and hold the corresponding  Device and Power options on your universal remote control simultaneously. Wait until the power button comes on, and then release both the buttons.
  • Now point out the remote control at the TV or to another device, press the Power button on the remote control and wait for 2 seconds.
  • Suppose, if the power on your tv or device has been turned off then the remote has found the correct code. Press Stop to save the code.
  • But if your device is failed to turned off, then make sure to press the Power button again so that the remote tests the following code in the database. Perform this step until it finds a code.

These are the simple steps to find out the codes and how to program with your favorite device with the maxem power els-0536 manual. YWe recommend you to start with the 4 digit universal remote codes that we mentioned above and if it doesn’t work for you then make sure to go with another codes.

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